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(MP)squared offers custom, start-to-finish assembly line services for diverse industries. We provide solutions ranging from simple one-step operations to complex subassemblies to completed products in mechanical and electromechanical assemblies. Taking this to the next step, we work with partners who prepare the whole project and process from component design, engineering, manufacturing, and assembly input to ensure quality and performance. In addition to manual work and assembly, we can utilize the resources to create our fixtures, jigs, and support tools for semi-automating the assembly process steps. As the last step, we offer value-added services like testing and inspections, packaging, warehousing, and shipping to serve you as a full solution provider. 

Main assembly operations and applications we service:
  • Mechanical Assemblies (Small Size)
  • Seals, Bushings 
  • NVH Protection & Anti-Rattle/Squeak
  • Shock Absorption
  • Low Volume Electronics
  • Fluid Immersion

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