Optical & Functional Injection Molded Components

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Optical & Functional Injection Molded Components

Lighting and optical components manufacturing often results in a more complex and sophisticated molding process. For best results, product development and manufacturer are cooperating closely to ensure ideal outcomes during mass production. 

At (MP)Squared we understand the critical quality metrics, accuracy and tolerances associated with clean / cleanroom manufacturing environment. Our scientific molding process results in fewer defects, high efficiency, and improved cost/performance. Especially freeform optics can be produced repeatable, secondary coating processes and assembly available for all molded components.

Plastics vs. Glass for Optical Components
  • Polymers are most suitable for light transmission in the visible spectrum between 390 nm and 700 nm even material grades that become transmissive after 700-750 nm for IR applications.
  • Anti-fog properties and materials are available.
  • High coefficient of thermal expansion and high index of refraction temperature reliance
  • Lower cost and attractive economy of scales
  • Better function and design integration (optical & mechanical features)
  • Ability to reproduce aspheric, freeform and other complex geometric surfaces.
  • Lighter weight & reduced density
  • LED illumination in automotive exterior
  • LED illumination in heavy truck and rescue vehicles
  • LED illumination and lighting in building and construction
  • Projection of graphics
  • Plastic light guides
  • Medical lighting
  • Lenses and optical components
  • Sensors using light transmission or IR
  • Transportation aftermarket
  • Radar/Lidar

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