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Inspection services usually are always driven by ensuring quality. Why entrust an external entity with part inspection? For businesses dedicated to delivering top-tier products, identifying nonconforming components is paramount. Additionally, operations involving value-added processes, manufacturing, or assembly demand precision-built parts. 

Third-party sorting and containment services guarantee that end-users receive unparalleled quality and safety products. Meticulous and unbiased evaluations are conducted by employing an impartial inspector independent of the supplier or customer. We inspect and sort precision components, optical parts, or anything with critical surface finishing.

Repair / Rework

We successfully repair or rework over 70% of the defective components that tested negative for function, and we encounter from our customers yielding a wide array of benefits:

Delivering containment and rework services to suppliers within your premises or repairing your parts at the OEM facility constitutes our everyday service for components with minor issues. (MP)squared is also equipped to fulfill rework and repair services for more complex issues, and we can implement rework stations and workshops at our own location.

Our Rework & Repair capabilities to sustain uninterrupted production (MP)squared will send an engineer to visit and sit down with technical experts at the facility housing the flawed component or our your engineering team. After assessing the defective parts and a comprehensive non-conformity analysis, they formulate innovative solutions and execute the necessary repairs. Our capabilities encompass cosmetic restoration, surface refinement, electrical rework of elements, and component modification to align with requirements, drawing, or assembly needs.

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